His Hand In Mine Chp. 18

Elvis and I would date our whole senior year at Humes High. Our love was sweet and one of the most beautiful things I had ever possessed. 

            That Christmas of 1952 Auntie Stella and me would spend with the Presley’s as well as New Years. Elvis pulled me aside that New Years Eve kissing me intimately and telling me he wanted to marry me, we would playfully plan our wedding together that entire winter, from my dress to what kind of cake we wanted.

            That spring Auntie and Gladys were sitting at the table in the kitchen whispering, I overheard part of their conversation that Elvis was looking at rings, engagement rings. I hoped he would pop the question soon, so we would be able to start our life together after graduation.

            I still possess two wrinkled and withered photos of Elvis and I in our cap and gowns on the day of graduation outside his home in the Courts. One of us side by side holding our diplomas proudly and smiling widely, he was grinning that little goofy grin he would get when he was really happy.

            The next was of him turning me around and kissing me, I was holding my cap to my head his had almost knocked mine off. You could tell we were both laughing our lips slightly parted with smiles as the picture was snapped.

            That day Elvis would give me a small silver locket containing a heart made from red paper. He told me he really wanted to purpose but didn’t feel the time was yet right so he gave me his heart instead to carry around with me always.

            Auntie Stella that summer would come home breathless crying, I would run to her wondering what was wrong scared for the worst of news, Auntie was so put together other wise. But her tears weren’t of sadness but of happiness she had won a large amount of money playing the lottery.

            We then moved from the Courts into a small suburb just outside of Memphis. I was far from Elvis and my heart ached for him. I often took my new white Pontiac Catalina that Auntie had bought for me to see Elvis.

            I let Elvis drive it around and we had fun the first couple months after I moved away buying things, going out all the time and necking in my new car.

But time and the distance began to wane on our relationship. Elvis was used to me being there on his every beck and call, now that Auntie and I lived about an hour away from the Courts it was hard.

He began to argue with me on the phone regularly about how he needed me and I wasn’t there for him. This hurt me deeply, but…what was I to do? I knew some of his anger just stemmed from the fact he missed me so badly.

It was just about the ending of the summer of 1953, Elvis and I hadn’t seen one another in almost a month our arguments grew more heated and our tears more bitter. He was driving my Catalina around in circles we were both silent, trying to avoid the inevitable.

I began to cry when he parked in our favorite river spot. He held me close hiding his own tears. The sun was setting when I took off the locket and ring placing it in the pocket of his jacket. I gave him his heart back…he kissed me tenderly for a long time in the car until we decided it was getting late.

I drove him back to the Courts, distance had killed our love as well as Elvis’ strong need of me. I needed him too, but…what was I to do?

He gave me one last kiss before we parted whispering his love, our sweet and tender romance broken. I remember almost getting into an accident watching him walk away in the rear view mirror…he may have gotten his heart back, but he still had mine I still loved him completely.

A few years would pass and I still lived with Auntie working as an office assistant for a doctor’s pediatric practice. I heard Elvis on the radio constantly it brought back old feelings a lot it was sometimes strange hearing his voice over the airwaves, but Doctor Arthur Albright had given me a ring and loved me dearly suppressing those old love worn memories.

            Reporters would come to the house on occasion asking me if I were “Elvis Presley’s High School Sweet Heart and Long Lost Love?” I would always decline their interviews as they shouted strange and intrusive questions, I ignored them all to the point they completely forgot about me.

            But…one day I became curious. I still drove the 1953 white Catalina, it even still had a burn mark in the white leather Elvis had created forgetting to ash his cigarillo on one of the first nights I showed him my car.

            I pulled up to a new modest ranch style home on Audubon Drive, two brand new Cadillac’s sat outside the garage one a beautiful shade of pink. Young girls gathered in the front yard holding his records and pens in the hopes he would come out and give out kisses and autographs, it was such a strange sight having known Elvis first as a shy boy from Tupelo.

            I pulled into the drive girls parting but peeking into my vehicle to see if I were anyone special. As soon as I parked two young men came running from inside the home stopping me from getting out, “Hey lady what do you think you’re doing!?” I begged as they held me from getting out, “I know the Presley’s I dated Elvis for a long time in high school.”

            They laughed, “Like we haven’t heard that one before!” Suddenly I heard his voice, deeper and more mature from the last time I had seen him three years ago, “Hey guys what’s the hassle…who is it?” he stopped in his tracks as I turned to look at him, his eyes wide in surprise.

            He then ran to my car pushing his two cronies out of his way opening my door. I yelped a little when he pulled me from the car wrapping me in a tight warm hug. We stood there a long moment, I felt wonderful in his embrace as he stroked my dark hair he whispered, “Holly, baby I never thought I would ever see you again.”

            He then looked at me a moment, “What are you doing here Chickadee?” My heart skipped a beat when he called me Chickadee, I knew I shouldn’t have come but at the same time it was so nice seeing him again.

            He invited me inside where Mrs. Presley hugged and kissed me and even began to cry at the sight of me a grown woman making me cry in return as she asked about Auntie and things, it was so wonderful seeing her sweet loving face again.

Elvis led me into his living room and we talked and laughed. In the middle of a conversation he took my hand twisting the large diamond ring on my finger, “You gettin’ married Chickadee?” I nodded nervously, “Yep, to a doctor I work for…” I then quickly changed the subject, “Elvis tell me more about what you’ve made of yourself honey this is just amazing!” 

            We talked for hours and hours. After a while I realized I needed to get back home, I really didn’t want to leave, it was too much fun listening to Elvis, his stories, and hearing his new album over and over on the turntable. Just before I left I gave him my address telling him he could write me any time he wanted.

            He walked me to my car, the sun had set and it was a little chilly. I shivered and he placed his jacket over my arms always the gentlemen. I leaned against my car door as he smiled at me, “It was really good seeing you Chickadee…” I smiled, “It was nice seeing you too Elvis.” He then eyed my engagement ring a moment and looked back up at me with those beautiful blue eyes, “I know your promised to a another man baby, but can I kiss you…just a kiss good bye.”

            I blushed I wanted to say no, but I just couldn’t say it so I whispered lightly yes. He leaned in wrapping me up in his arms pressing his lips onto mine.

I shivered as I allowed him to deepen the kiss pressing me up against the side of my car, my heart fluttered as we continued his lips more skilled from our clumsy nights in his daddy’s Buick, my legs were becoming wobbly as he seductively teased my mouth.

             I then forced myself to push him away before we got too carried away, “Elvis! I can’t do this…I can’t.” I could sense he felt terrible, “I’m sorry baby, I didn’t mean to…I’m sorry.” He wiped away my tear as I laid my head on his chest, “You’re even more beautiful from the last time I saw you Holly, that Doctor Albright is one lucky son of a bitch.”

            I laughed as he opened my car door and I sat inside. I started the Pontiac; turning on the headlights he stood smiling and waving good-bye I almost hoped he would run after me. I waved good-bye as well watching as he walked back into the warm light of his home, he had given me my heart back.

That would be the last time I ever saw Elvis…I married Arthur that following fall had two daughters and a son becoming less important in Elvis’ world and Elvis less important in mine, I always played his music and my children learned to dance to it and I took them to see many of his films for a treat if they made good grades.

            Arthur such a wonderful husband bought tickets to one of his shows in Vegas in the late 60’s for an anniversary gift, I declined I didn’t know if I wanted to see Elvis again, how we left each other was how I wanted it to stay, so he sold them to a neighbor and he took me to Florida instead.

Though Elvis and I never spoke again after that night on Audubon Drive every holiday and on my birthday a card would come into the mail the return address 3764 South Bellevue Road then it would change to Elvis Presley Boulevard till the year he passed, he never forgot me and I never forgot him, you never forget your first love I suppose, especially a love like Elvis. In each card he just wrote simply in his messy scrawl:

All My Love To My Little Chickadee,


Elvis Presley

*Author’s Note- Thank you all for sticking with this story, I hope all of the readers enjoyed this little made up tale about the King, I sure enjoyed writing it.*

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The theme for the Elvis contest is : Hawaii !


Well guys, since we have now ten contestants, here’s the theme : Hawaii !
I hope you will be inspired…
You have a whole month to submit your work, and if it’s too short for most of you, we can change that :)

Good luck

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Do you think the people who wrote the fan fictions will write again? (hint to these writers ;) )

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The theme for the Elvis contest is : Hawaii !

Well guys, since we have now ten contestants, here’s the theme : Hawaii !
I hope you will be inspired…
You have a whole month to submit your work, and if it’s too short for most of you, we can change that :)

Good luck

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The writer said we would hear about them so I hope they’ll write something else :)
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How to submit entries to the contest?

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