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what was you elvis ghost experience did you have one?

I remember one of our followers had one, and if she reads this I would be glad to hear it again, it was really interesting ! As for me it wasn’t really an Elvis Ghost experience you know haha, more like a really strange feeling of someone watching over me, you know ? I happened once and I never felt like that again, it was extremely strange. Then, I like to believe it was some sort of manifestation of Elvis you know, but I’ll never really know what it was !

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I need you too is really good!!!! post more!!!!

I’m sure the author will be glad to read that !

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Anonymous said:
would elvis date/fuck a fat girl ,like what is his type in a women?

I’ve read lots of books about Elvis and I’ve even bought DVDs about his former girlfriends - and let me tell you one thing, Elvis loved every kind of women. It seemed that he had love to give and that he gladly did you know haha
From what I’ve seen and read (so then again it’s maybe not exact), all his girlfriends have been different, and he loved them all a lot - they could call each other even years after the break up, and he would still tell them “I love you”. So basically to me Elvis loved every women, and my answer to your question would be yes :)

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Bittersweet love with the king..

Disclaimer: This is my first fanficton so sorry if it is rubbish, none of the dates and places are set at/on the real dates of his real life events.

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I Need You, Too.

1. Ham and Cheese Sandwich

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Anonymous said:
Where can I submit in a fan fiction? I wrote all of it out and I'd really like to post it. I think Elvis fans would enjoy it! :)

Hey ! Sorry for the late answer ~ You can submit the fanfiction by clicking on the “submit” button and normally everything should be explained there :)

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